Defeat Godless McCollum, Gollin Consort
Alleged extortionist George Gollin has become the kiss of death to politicians across America.  Just ask leftists Tim Bishop (D-NY 1st District) and Bill Foster (D-IL 14th District), who are soon to go down to defeat because of their nefarious associations with Marxist bigot George Gollin.

Next in line for political oblivion is Betty McCollum (D-MN 4th District), the idiot who collaborated with Gollin on a ridiculous article about "diploma mill" doctors killing people.  Of course the fool either didn't realize that medical doctors are already licensed and that the unlicensed practice of medicine is already a crime--or she thinks you are too stupid to know that.  Or more likely, she didn't think at all, she just let the stalker and shakedown artist Gollin put her name on his lame story.  (Much the same way the ex-FBI buffoon Ezell let Gollin load up his scandalous UIUC presentation with lies.)

Why do we call McCollum "Godless"?  Aside from the obvious fact that anyone who intentionally associates with an anti-Christian bigot like George Gollin must be Godless, there's another compelling reason.

When McCollum was called on to lead Congress in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, she deliberately omitted the words "Under God."  

The Video Betty McCollum Doesn't Want You to See!!!
(about 2:00 in)

Now this is something that every English-speaking school kid in America knows how to recite correctly, but somehow this dimbulb McCollum can't get it right?  Let's face it, even she isn't stupid enough to screw it up by accident.  

It was obvious that "God" is not a factor in her life, and she doesn't want "God" to be a factor in your life or in the governance of our nation--the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the express words of our founding fathers notwithstanding.  

Quote:Thanks to another pissed off MN CD 4 voter for finding this and sharing with me. THIS IS THE VIDEO BETTY DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE!!! Here it is obvious she intentionally OMITS "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. At the time, her staffers claimed she took a breath...uhm, yeah that's it. Betty, here is what I think...due to the nature of the Bill before you, that somewhere in your liberal head you did this intentionally to make a point!!! We don't believe you!!!

What is really pathetic about this, is Betty was leading the House in the Pledge of Allegiance, and is a Roman Catholic!!!  This is on CSPAN!!!  It's not like she was at her little desk in the back, or holding Nancy Pelosi's notepad, but she was leading the HOUSE in the Pleadge of Allegiance!!!  Free speech is one thing, disrespect to your position, the Flag, God and the American people is another.  Pathetic Betty, absolutely pathetic...Remember in November!!!
Betty McCollum needs to be voted out!!!

[Image: 41574_117086385005801_5558_n.jpg]
Dear Leader's little girl, Betty "Horseface" McCollum

Voters of Minnesota's 4th Congressional District, it's time to bounce this Godless bitch McCollum out of office on her socialist ass!

Vote for her opponent, Teresa Collett, instead!  Don't live in MN-4?  Vote with your wallet!  Donate to the Collett for Congress Campaign.

Teresa Collett Wrote:"While well-intentioned, these government programs suppress wages and treat all citizens as if they are incapable of thrift and right judgments regarding their long-term well being. This simple truth escapes Betty McCollum but not us."

Quote:Meet Teresa Collett, Candidate For US Congress, 4th District
[Image: Collett-vertical.jpg]

...Teresa is a professor at the University of St. Thomas Law School, and has been there since 2003. ...How did she get to St. Thomas? She and her husband Bob (they've been married for 31 years, 3 adult children, grandchild on the way) started a small wholesale tuxedo business in Oklahoma in the early 80's. As small business owners, they had interactions with lawyers from time to time. Teresa observed what the lawyers did and thought "I could do that." She graduated from U. of Oklahoma Law School (with honors) in 1986. She started working for the largest law firm in Oklahoma, when a faculty member at the Law School died suddenly in a car crash. Teresa filled in on very short notice, not knowing at the time it would blossom into a successful career as a legal educator and scholar (20 years teaching, 4 books, numerous articles and presentations). Her specialties are property rights, professional responsibility and bioethics.

Teresa has had experience with legislation from multiple perspectives. She was involved in the drafting of the Oklahoma Guardianship Act (1989). The fact that it hasn't been changed since its drafting is a testimony to how well it was written. She has testified before both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on multiple occasions, and testified before a number of State legislature committees, including Minnesota. She has served as a Special Attorney General (I said "designated hitter?" She said "hired gun.") in defending certain state laws from legal challenges in Oklahoma and Kansas.

St. Thomas actually spent two years recruiting Teresa, and the reason is that she combines the practice of law and education with an active, living faith. Consider some of these positions she holds or has held:

•Consultor to the Pontifical Council for the Family

•Director, Prolife Center at the University of St. Thomas School of Law

•Vice-president, University Faculty for Life

•Member of the Federalist Society Professional Responsibility Practice Group Executive Committee

•Board of Advisors, Alliance for Marriage

•Biomedical Ethics Committee of the Archbishop of the Diocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis

•Past Board of Directors, Christian Legal Society

•Past Member of the Board of Governors, Ave Maria Law School

Some Minnesota bloggers have looked at Teresa's credentials and said "Another social conservative, just what we need." But I'm here to tell you she gets it about fiscal conservatism being a moral issue. I'm here to tell you that Teresa Collett is a vigorous, intelligent, skillful advocate for conservative ideas in the 4th District.

Also see Dump Rep. Betty McCollum at Facebook.

What's the problem guys? Didn't great god-loving Americans win the war allied with brutal, godless soviet Stalin? Fantastic, I mean...segregationist Americans and gulag soviets saving the world from racism and oppression...PFFT!
Didn't you think something would stick?
Also...ever heard of a wonderful all-American hollywood movie in 1943 called MISSION TO MOSCOW?
It is this A+ movie by Curtiz (supported by heavyweights of the progressive Jewish intelligentsia ) depicting the impressions of a US ambassador to the USSR, at the behest of the great, god- and freedom loving American administration to introduce the dumb masses to their newly found ally.
Nazis are depicted as droning bigots full of hate, while Joe Stalin is a kind father figure to the Russian. Sabotage is depicted as the vilest act and Stalin's purge trials a messianic judgment upon the unfaithful, administered with piety. The USSR only wants peace, unlike those nasty Japanese and Germans.
That is great America...enjoy it...
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
ham Wrote:Also...ever heard of a wonderful all-American hollywood movie in 1943 called MISSION TO MOSCOW?

Similar theme on the other side of the world, Blood On The Sun (1945) with Jimmy Cagney.  Written by not yet blacklisted Lester Cole (one of the “Hollywood Ten,” he later did 10 months in the slammer for contempt of Congress).  Dramatically explains how, at the time, the Chicoms were our “friends” but the Japanese were our “enemies.”  (Spoiler: The Japanese had an evil secret plan to take over the world!)  

Highlight is the diminutive Cagney (said to be a real life judo black belt) tossing a much taller “Japanese” henchman around like a rag doll.  From back in the days when Caucasian actors played Asian characters, to unintentionally hilarious effect.  You would appreciate Jewish actress Sylvia Sydney’s “Chinese” character explaining to Cagney how she is really of mixed race, to which Cagney replies, “Me too, half-Irish and half-Norwegian.”  Supposedly Cagney was fluent in Yiddish (grew up in a Jewish neighborhood) and had off-camera conversations in Yiddish with Sydney.  Ain’t that America?

Reading between the lines then, the point of your post seems to be that today’s ally often is tomorrow’s opponent, and vice versa.  The difference in this case is that, as they say, if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.  

Collett has made it clear that she stands for limited government.  As a former small business owner she no doubt knows first-hand how government chokes the life out of free enterprise.  McCollum, on the other hand, appears to stand for whatever big-government regulation or redistribution scheme she thinks is selling at the moment, like most statist dweebs.  A literal nanny-state socialist who got into politics because her own negligent parenting allowed her stupid kid to fall off the government play equipment in the government park.  

Collett claims to have religion and takes a stand in support of it.  McCollum claims to have religion but denigrates its principles at every opportunity (e.g., pro abortion, pro-pervert marriage).  

Collett believes, as our founding fathers did, that we are one nation under God.  McCollum can’t even bring herself to utter the words.  One is a leader, the other a dedicated follower of fashion (to borrow from Ray Davies).  Oh yes she is.

So perhaps as soon as Collett gets a taste of whatever it is in DC that makes people go nuts, all bets may be off.  But right now I’m not seeing anything to suggest she is other than what she seems.  I don’t think you’ll be seeing any grinning photos of Dear Leader with his arm around her.  And you won’t see her signing on to any of Gollum’s “Sometimes, Danger Lurks In My Pants” fables either.
Quote:Reading between the lines then, the point of your post seems to be that today’s ally often is tomorrow’s opponent, and vice versa.  The difference in this case is that, as they say, if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.  

My example proved that little hulkamaniacs will stand for whatever big brother tells them it's approved to stand for. During WWI they championed democracy & freedom in the company of czarist Russia that still endorsed serfdom and had no modern constitution. The USA were still a segregationist country...many rioting African soldiers taking literally all that hogwash about German racism were hung...
We typically hear liberals, whigroes, lefties and other special groups crying their prayer shawl wet over Germany's pogrom against Jews in the aftermath of a political assassination by a Jew in Paris.
Of course which part did poor little Shlomo in Germany play in the twisted scheme of political grandstand, to have his shop vandalized? NONE.
But there is footage of angry mobs vandalizing during WWI shops with German-sounding names (including Jewish shops), while cops giggle and stand back to enjoy.
The subtitles tell us about the righteous wrath of the patriot. PFFT!
Can YOU tell me the difference?
On both sides they stood for something, but the press they receive is so different.
What about Americans painting ribald slogans on incendiary bombs destined to Japanese civilians?
Can we track back some of those motherf-ckers and make them pay?
What would happen if newly found footage portrayed Germans painting ribald slogans on a gaswagen or other demonic extermination gadgetry?
Wouldn't the motherf-ckers be hunted down even if they were just serving their country and are today 98yo?
If so, explain the difference.
Hitler's supposed lies are all over textbooks...when Bush, Blair & their cohort of ten cents allies were caught lying about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, were they hung? No...they were sentenced to reelection.
People do fall for anything.
But back to the topic, it is not so strange that communism stuck to the spoon even after big brother said enough.
Politicians are there to get rich and connected themselves.
Those who are NOT part of the cabal (in full or in part) either NEVER get there (Buchanan), or are removed (Heider).
Arafat was amassing treasures in Switzerland in the face of the oppressed Palestinians.
Walesa and Mandela, popular icons of disinterested suffering, gave rise to regimes as corrupt and scandal-ridden as their predecessors.
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B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
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Ph.D Millard Fillmore
Don Dresden Wrote:Supposedly Cagney was fluent in Yiddish

Isn't everyone?  Nu, was denn, a shaygetz?


All I can say is WOW!
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The bitch won.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(11-16-2010, 04:51 PM)Virtual Bison Wrote: The bitch won.

McCollum is in a safely socialist gerrymandered district, which apparently includes all the mental institutions in Minnesota.

That will change now that the Republicans control the state legislature for the first time in 38 years, perfectly timed for the next reapportionment. One way or another, she's history after this next term.

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