An entire forum about Chip White???
I had to access the forum through a proxy, but this link should work for now. Please read:
** Never mind, the proxy drops the link eventually. **
(Actually, just noticed, the proxy page includes the original link inside an added page element; if your IP address is not blocked you can have a look here:

But I did take a screen-shot (I have to figure how to upload; maybe no need now unless thread gets deleted). Until then, here is a little cut and paste of the text:

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A lil about me

I'm Chip, one of the admins, and the main gearhead that deals with technical issues for SI.

I have been working with abuse survivors since the late 1980s, and started working through my own CSA issues before that. I hold national certification in bodywork and somatic healing, and also have training and certification in Ericksonian psychotherapy and hypnosis, somatosynthesis (a mind-body approach to healing with application to abuse survivors), Confluent Somatic Therapy, and directed eye movement therapy (similar to EMDR, a treatment for PTSD.) I have also had extensive clinical experience co-treating clients with sexual abuse issues in a shared practice setting with a psychotherapist and clinical social worker. I also have a background in shamanism, holistic medicine, and other non-western forms of healing.

These days my work with healing is mostly an avocation; I am an entrepreneur and own several businesses with my friend and business partner and therefore work mostly at home, but it is the work with healing and the interest in psychology that is probably my strongest passion. So it's actually a nice thing to be able to volunteer and help in that field without the stress of having to make it my living.

I have a strong belief that people are NOT destined to be products of their upbringing or bad parenting or abusive experiences. While those things may affect us and color the way we experience the world until we learn to prevent that, I have seen remarkable resilience in people, particularly young people, in overcoming the experiences of their childhood and becoming happy, fulfilled, well-adjusted people."
Wow! Butt doctor Thomas Chip White now becomes the Freud of all butts!
See? Another proof of coherence...
These phonies bellyache all day about degree mills, antisemites, homophobes and all that crap, but in real life are busy tricking abused people -whether gay or not- into gay teen porn business through fake therapy sites...
Three hooray!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=126]
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I just say one thing here. I don't know about the politics and/or ways in which people were behaving on the SI site. I have nothing to do with it, nor do I really have an interest in it one way or another. I do agree that boundaries are a huge issue and I can't comment one way or another on what ToF has said. But I stand by what drove me to dig in a little deeper into this whole thing:

Should a person so deeply involved in the filming and distribution of "barely legal" twink gay pornography be running a support site aimed mostly at male teen childhood sexual abuse survivors? Call me crazy, but it doesn't seem right to me. If the teens have been given full disclosure at to what Chip's business interests are and they are cool with that, then I guess what can you do?. I still don't agree with the situation, but my hands at that point would be clean of whatever happens to these teens. But if the disclosure is somewhat ambiguous as to the nature the porn, or whatever it is he claims to do, than I think it is deceptive. I just think these teens need to be given full disclosure, and if they have been given that then I guess, like I said, what else can you do? I still don't agree with it, but whatever.

As far as sharing information that is confidential to others privately or in a public fashion is not cool, but I have no clue what really transpired and that is not my reason for looking into this. As far as Chip possibly recruiting some of these kids once they become of legal age to participate in his business interests, if you know what I am saying, well I can't prove or know if this goes on one way or another. But it all still seems like a conflict of interest if you ask me.

I have said what I had to say, did the research I needed to do, and at this point I am done with it. Make of it what you will.

My guess is that someone associated with Chip, it might even be Chip, has been watching this forum anonymously, and when they discovered that I was on here contributing to the fray, they decided that they had to try once again to shout me down, just like the talking heads on Fox News are so good at.

You go Chip, fill them full of some more good lies.
Mountain Man Mark Wrote:Hello everyone:

I am new here, a friend of mine just turned me on to this site.  I am a 53 year old straight former administrator of Survivor, which is a website that was founded in June of this year by myself, 3 other administrators, and your pal Chip White. 


Eric Wrote:I would be the friend that Mark referred to as having turned him onto this site. A quick little background. I know Mark from Male Survivor (, which is an organization dedicated to preventing the sexual abuse of males, and also the recovery and healing of those that have already been abused.



While you gentlemen were dealing with Thomas "Tailpipe Chip" White with that abuse survivors website, did you ever come across someone named Gregg DesElms? DesElms, also known as Elmer, operates in Northern California and was formerly a moderator for Chip at degreeinfo. This guy is a real low-life and a scumbag comparable to Chip White. Any info you may have on Elmer would be greatly appreciated (and can be posted in the DesElms Wing of the Hall of Shame here at DL Truth).
What's that ticking you hear, Chip? Just a matter of time before justice is served...

Quote:Another Porn Actor Tests Positive for HIV

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

California's multibillion-dollar adult entertainment industry has been left reeling after another positive HIV test for a porn actor.

The revelation Tuesday led to two of the industry's biggest companies shutting down production and a scramble to find partners who may have been exposed by the actor, whose identity and gender have not been released.

The actor was a patient of the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, a San Fernando Valley clinic that caters to pornographic actors.

Clinic spokeswoman Jennifer Miller told the Los Angeles Times that efforts are under way to notify individuals who may have had sexual contact with the actor. Miller did not return calls or e-mail from The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Wicked Pictures and Vivid Entertainment told the Times that they stopped production as a precaution when the positive test was revealed.

...Porn actors are required by law to test negative for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases within 30 days of going to work on a film.

...Weinstein said the latest case is the ninth HIV-positive adult film star to be treated at the AIM clinic since the 2004 outbreak. ...
Quote:...Porn actors are required by law to test negative for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases within 30 days of going to work on a film.

Being the upstanding citizen that he is Rolleyes no doubt Tailpipe Chip keeps meticulous records of his compliance.  

Wonder when the last time was anyone from the government checked?
Quote:so the guy holds some shares... doesnt make him a porn king.. hes neither starring nor filming the stuff.. he does not meet any of the actors and he si not busy supplying them

Oh yes?
Why did mr. butt doctor post very graphic endorsements of his giant gay teen porn empire on queer boards?
There are some saved on this site...and mr. butt shrink went back and deleted his name from those posts right after they were posted here...
So in your opinion he's just a mid-town queer guys who bought some shares, and not the mastermind of a gay teen porn empire, eh?

Quote:has mark r. ever asked me to share about my abuse, my feelings, my "story"? -YES

does that make me feel uneasy? - HELL YES

do i think mark's strong interest in the teens is kinda creepy? - YES

I don't give a f-ck about possibly queer people on possibly queer boards trying to chat one another up...that's  part of the game I guess...
What matters here is that Thomas Chip White, the paladin of morals in distance education without a university degree, is also pulling the strings of that "therapy" site...what a gay teen pornographer with no legitimate degrees may have to offer troubled gays remains to be seen, eh?
Thomas Chip White also can train physician to treat illnesses...without a  university degree.
The man is a JOKE...a SICK JOKE.
dr. Fruit fools  nobody ...except the other perverts and used car salesmen he scouted, assisted and pimped on DI...who in turn were  holding their breath to exploit  him in turn...
Dr.  Butt has apparently no legitimate university degree, so what are all those new age qualifications he lists exactly? Isn't about time someone blew the whistle as DI/DD clones love to?
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The blond is our exclusive model Jesse McCarthy. He's been on the cover of Allboy twice, is on the covers of several of our DVDs, including our foot fetish title, and is very popular, not to mention a really nice kid.

The top pic is a former nationally-ranked figure skating champion who is also one of our exclusive models. He's on our foot site as well as our DVDs and on Boyfunk.

The guy in the middle has a cavernous ass and could take that dildo with no problems at all... it was scary to watch while it was being filmed
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email (chip at gayb-cks dot com )

You said he didn't scout,meet&film them, right? Oh yes, he just watched it...
Did you see the caption of his homepage full of scantily clad gay "boys"CoolRolleyes?

Quote:do i think some of you guys should get a life? - YES

Who  are you anyways?
Another queer guy concerned with dr. Fruit's privacy?
Besides, the butt master is all over the web anyways...psychologist, medical expert, gay activist, education authority...publicity comes both good&bad I guess.
What are the chances of a loner  discovering this site  by chance? Come on!
Are you herr Sigmund Butt himself, or one of his minions?
What's wrong guys...?  Exposing double standards and perversion stopped being so fun? Why is "connecting the dots" so bad now?
After all, everything on this site  is public domain, right?
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EmotionSickness Wrote:has mark r. ever asked me to share about my abuse, my feelings, my "story"? -YES

does that make me feel uneasy? - HELL YES

do i think mark's strong interest in the teens is kinda creepy? - YES

I was a site mentor on MS for 2 years, and I was asked to join SI as an administrator and site mentor.  I have had more than 7 years of experience with childhood sexual abuse recovery and participating in support groups, and mentoring both adults and teens.  I have over 100 thank-you letters from guys that I have worked with, but I am sure that I can't please everyone all of the time either.  My removal from SI started when I inferred to one of our younger members there after he asked on the public discussion board there that there was a symptom of childhood sexual abuse known as same-sex attraction disorder that was treatable.  That was when gay porn king and radical defender of gay rights Chip White tried to shout me off of the public discussion board on SI, claiming that such a symptom is no longer recognized by the gay community, despite such a symptom still being recognized by a majority percentage of the therapy and scientific community.  The fact is that Chip White has spent much of the last several years trying to use questionable fringe psychological material to convince all kinds of impressionable and confused or sexually abused teenagers that they are gay on Empty, and my guess is that he was upset that I was trying to suggest that one of his young gay friends might not be gay after all.  And, since I have now been run-off from SI, there are NO straight staff members remaining there either, at a support site that will allow kids as young as age 13 to post there.  If you were a parent would you want your 13 year old secretly interacting with Chip White and the other gay staff on SI?

EmotionSickness Wrote:so the guy holds some shares... doesn't make him a porn king.. he's neither starring nor filming the stuff.. he does not meet any of the actors and he is not busy supplying them

Funny, one of those links to Chip's porn empire that I recently posted has a video within the link to new talent, where Chip's partner AJ appears, and there is a guy who looks a lot like the photo of Chip White on his Adam's List profile holding a hand-held camera early on in the video.  The video was shot just 2 years ago, and there is a whole lot of nudity in it, so be forewarned.  Then there was the story where Chip White is quoted in the Tuscon Independent, where the discussion is about how much less expensive Czech film "stars" are and how they will work "bareback", a practice that Chip and his customers prefer, which allegedly isn't allowed at MRC.  And the website that I found, which is owned by Chip and his partner AJ, was still actively recruiting "models" too.  So I hate to have to say it, but the sum of the evidence put much more involvement in filming and producing teenage gay video on the back of Chip White than one of his current crop of teenage sexual assault victims is willing to admit.

Funny too how several people who used to be my friends have now turned on me, but if the truth about Chip White hurts, so be it.   The guy is a fraud, plain and simple, he has no college degree, not even an Associate degree.  He has posed as an MD and as an experienced therapist, he even claims to know almost everything there is to know about online colleges, even though he has no degree and only two years of college in-person, at a small liberal arts college in Ohio.  He also participates in radical avocation of gay ideas, even trying to use his alleged therapy experience to push teenagers into the gay lifestyle via an online discussion board which he co-owns and also serves as a site mentor on.  And now he is also using his therapy non-experience to try to convince sexually-abused teenagers that they are gay too.

Here is some professional info on same-sex attraction disorder from 2008:

Here is another online resource that you might find interesting with more than 30 academic sources:
EmotionSickness Wrote:sorry.. didnt realise this was just another place for homophobic rants by rednecks

all i can say is the best thing about this site is that all the emails go straight to my spam folder.. at least yahoo seems to know whats right

i am not gonna come here anymore.. unlike you i live in the 21st century.. where i can grow up a proud gay kid and not have to listen to retards call me names cuz of who i love

Yes, sure, revert back to bellowing about Nazis, homophobes etc marching into town...PFFT! Go ask Janko and DesElms for help.
And don't twist words...nobody here cares what people do with their's their choice& their problem...but some here do care about Thomas Chip White being a duplicitous individual and a problematic one in many respects...
Says who?
Insiders with "secret" information? Hell, no...everything on here is public domain...if you don't like what you read, go ask the people in the story...

Quote:all i can say is the best thing about this site is that all the emails go straight to my spam folder.. at least yahoo seems to know whats right

Who forced you to come here?
Don't go away mad please...just go away...and please, no more mysterious aliases of equally mysterious queers mysteriously finding this site to defend poor butt doctor, ok?
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