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Rich Douglas on NA vs. RA. - Richard A. Douglas - 10-30-2021

My name is Rich Douglas.  My mom thinks I'm a major disappointment when I got my DBA at University of Leicester when WES evaluated it a Master's.   I thought I was the expert.  I guess it was all in my head (the bottom one).  Even former degree mill owner/scammer John Bear once said the British Charter was "everything."  Right, he was selling Heriott-Watt's MBA then, and my mother called me an asshole for going for MIGS.

I found this awhile ago, right from the horse's mouth.  I would like to share this with everyone so that they don't get discouraged or insulted by the usual cocksuckers like Gus Sainz (right, pay your tax bill, asshole).

Effectively July 1st, 2020, the US Dept. of Education has removed the word "regional" from its language.  Specifically, DOE states that they make no distinction between Regional Accreditation vs. National Accreditation.  DOE states that they hold all recognized accreditation agencies to the same standards and all states must follow suit in stages.

Link:  2020-02-26_ED_Final_Accreditation_and_State_Authorization_Regulations.pdf (tracs.org)

There hasn't been much discussion at degreeinfo on such a big step forward on the part of DOE.  Geez what a "surprise."  There, I see the clown trend has evolved from being critical on non-RA schools to criticizing accreditors.  What a fucking joke.  I guess Union must have graduated a couple thousand Ph.D's in "non-traditional higher education" before they sold me the Ph.D.  But wait, my lapdogs never questioned me if Union had the experience AND the expertise in non-traditional higher education (AND the faculty) when they sold me my Ph.D.  

"Just because you said so doesn't make it so.  And with all the RA universities available, why would you pick anything else?"

Sorry for being a dumbass.  I was the fucking clown who fell for MIGS.

Rich A Douglas

RE: Rich Douglas on NA vs. RA. - Herbert Spencer - 11-16-2021

"Richard A Douglas," were you intentionally trying to torpedo Goose's Stalker Forum when you posted all those defamatory lies about Charisma?  Couldn't have turned out better if you were. 

Did you think that driving decent Christian people into a kamikaze rage of vengeance was a good idea? 

Were you acting alone or at the behest of dissolute Marxist turds like George "Sphincter" Gollin, who wanted their embarrassing posting history (e.g., admissions that a dissertation that was supposed to be the author's individual work was actually a 16-person group project) removed from internet scrutiny?