Kid Porn Law Upheld
Dickie Billericay Wrote:
Brian Crawford Wrote:Lets not forget, George Gollin (George D. Gollin AKA George Dana Gollin) began his crusade against non-traditional edication at the end of 2003 when he said he was too stupid to block pop-ups on his computers at the university. Amazingly, within months he delared on national TV and as many newspapers who would listen to him that he was an expert in the field.

Big Grin Yeah, a spam blocker was just too complicated for Dr. Physics to figure out.

Isn't an "expert" supposed to actually know something about his field of expertise?   All he knows anything about is being a parent of a gay child.   He would be Exhibit A for the proposition that lesbians are the product of inattentive, unsupportive fathers.

Quote:II. Development of “Classic” Lesbianism

Damaged Family Relationships

Mother-Daughter Relationships
1. Dispassionate Mother: Emotionally distant and “numb”.

2. Doormat Mother: Perceived as downtrodden, weak, and ineffective.

3. Manipulative Mother: Unable to express herself openly and honestly

4. Domineering Mother: She is dogmatic, determined and very opinionated.

5. My-Best-Friend Mother: She lets her own needs control the relationship, looking to daughter for encouragement

6. Self-Consumed Mother: Often young and immature and still in need of nurturing herself.

Daughters need mothers who are a healthy role model of what it means to be a woman.

Father-Daughter Relationships
1. Unprotecting Father: Does not give a sense of security and safekeeping’

2. Inattentive Father: Unable to affirm his daughter’s feminine identity.

3. Unadoring Father: Does not give adoration and honor for her femininity.

4. Unsupportive Father: Does not give support or validation.

A father should be showing his daughter how to properly relate with men. Sometimes because of their own issues fathers are fearful of being to close to their daughter-especially when the daughter is going into puberty. However, this is the time that daughters need closeness with their father.

Husband-Wife Relationships
1. Indifferent Couple: They fail to love and show affection between one another.

2. Critical Wife: She disrespects and demeans her husband

3. Selfish Husband: He places his needs before his wife’s.

4. Minimizing Husband: He communicates a message that degrades and devalues women or femininity.

A daughter needs to see a healthy relationship between a mother and father so that she accepts womanhood and does not hate men.

Summary of Family Relationships

A.     Daughter sees her mother as critical, domineering, detached, or weak. She sees her father as detached, critical, passive, or abusive.

B.     The breakdown in the emotional bonding between mother and daughter creates a same-sex love deficit in the daughter.

C.     At puberty, this same-sex love deficit becomes sexualized. Attempt to restore what was missing earlier in life.

D.     The lack of affirmation from the father creates in the daughter a lack of confidence in her feminine identity.

Another contributing factor which makes George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George Dana Gollin) want to be successful outside of his family is that his woman is a real university administrator as the associate provost. Where George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George Dana Gollin) is a mere university professor who reports to a department chair.

The lesbian daughter sees that mom is very sucessful professionally and the only role model dad provides is someone aspiring to be someone some day.

Mom wearing men's clothing probably doesn't help the daughter to identify her sexuality.

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