Online Degrees for High-Earning Jobs Straight Out of College
Quote:Online Degrees for High-Earning Jobs Straight Out of College

Ten out of ten of the highest-earning jobs for recent graduates can be obtained with online degrees. This is important information for many people who toil in jobs they don’t like out of fear of starting over; they may discover that degree programs in business, information technology or nursing could lead to a more fulfilling job that will provide a decent wage right away.

Here are ten of the highest-earning jobs for recent college graduates. (All salary numbers are courtesy of

10. Nursing

Between aging Baby Boomers and an exploding population, nurses are in higher demand than ever before. They are also well-paid from the start: depending on where they are based and what specialty they choose, new nurses can expect to earn $47,000 per year after completing an online nursing degree.

9. Web Design

An online degree program in IT will prepare students for a few careers that make the high-earning jobs list. Web designers continue to be in high demand as more and more businesses take to the Internet to build a future for their companies. Entry-level Web designers with an online degree in information technology can expect to earn around $58,000, depending on where they are based and what specialties they choose.

8. Pharmaceutical Representative

Pharmaceutical representatives are in a tough business that requires a great deal of knowledge and tenacity to succeed. It also requires a great deal of business travel, which is ideal for those who desire to get away from the office. While this career demands some medical knowledge, new pharmaceutical reps can expect to earn around $59,000 after earning an online business degree.

7. Financial Analyst

Many financial analysts will eventually pursue an MBA program, but there are still plenty of opportunities for people starting out in the work force with an online BS in business. Entry-level financial analysts can expect to earn upwards of $66,000, depending on location and specialty.

6. Internet Marketer

Internet marketing has become a massive and complex field, and even entry-level graduates with an online IT degree can make a good living from it. New internet marketers who pursue employment with an established company can expect to earn between $43,000 and $67,000 starting out.

5. Network Systems Administrator

As with the other IT-based jobs on this list, network systems administrators will continue to be in high demand for a long time to come. It is also a job that comes with a great deal of responsibility: businesses depend on their computing networks like never before and rely on network admins to keep their entire companies functional. For this reason, even entry-level network admins can expect to earn around $69,000.

4. Engineer

Engineering, like many of the other jobs on this list, is a highly variable field. Engineers may work in a wide range of capacities and specialize in many different sub-sets, each of which require a great deal of technical skill and know-how. However, entry level engineers—even those with an online degree—can expect to earn around $72,000 in their first year.

3. Actuary

Actuaries comprise a high-earning group that is depended on by insurance companies to provide information on business finance, statistics, economics and other number-crunching particulars. Thanks to the high level of technical expertise, even new actuaries can expect to earn in the neighborhood of $79,000 after completing an online business degree.

2. Software Developer

Talented software developers continue to be in high demand as the world turns to computing to solve more and more of its problems. An online degree in information technology prepares students to create the software of tomorrow, and entry-level programmers may make $84,000 in their first year. And with many employers allowing programmers to take advantage of telecommuting or flex-scheduling, it is an appealing option for many.

1. Investment Banker

Investment bankers can make a high-dollar wage immediately out of school provided they have the tenacity and competitive spirit that is necessary to be a success in this field. New investment bankers can expect to earn upwards of $112,000 in their first year after completing an online business degree. Even associates in this field can earn around $77,000—a big boon for new graduates.

Online classes allow students to follow their dreams into a new career, and as this post demonstrates, many of them can make ample wages from the very beginning. With online university tuition at a significantly lower cost than traditional campus-based universities, more people than ever before are taking advantage of online degrees to further their educations and build new futures.

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