Blogger Stands Up To Cheyenne Herald

Looks like we are not the only ones who are standing up to David Featherly and his lies.

David actually mentioned this guy in an commentary he published and this blogger handed it right back to him.

Quote:So please spare me the over-generalized bilge present in this piece of trash article of yours; either present the facts or shut the hell up. We have more than enough distortions, misrepresentations and falsifications going on throughout the country today without you hysterically adding to the mix. I don’t’ believe that you have any interest in journalistic integrity at all; you merely use your paper as a weapon, childishly lashing out at whomever and whatever irritates your non-absolute “standards” of “objectivity” - i.e., of your whims.

And, since your alleged justifications for trashing me in your rag are all hereby proved as nonsense, the only conclusion I can draw is that you don’t like me for reasons you don’t care to name publicly - which is pretty cowardly if you ask me. If you have a problem with my ideas, and care to discuss them, bring it on. In my estimate however, based on what you spew, having some good old-fashioned guts isn’t very high on your list of non-absolutes either.

The rest of your rant, as it relates to teacher tenure, is full of more than a few misconceptions as well, and it is quite clear to me that you have no grasp of the free-market functioning of a completely privatized educational system, or of the benefits that would accrue to everyone in society as a result thereof. And, were I so inclined as to deem you teachable, I’d take the time and energy to discuss them with you. But why bother, when pompous pontifications is all I can expect in return? I’ll save my breath on that front for someone worthy of it.

I guess Featherly is making lots of enemies these days.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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