43 Why do we bother to post at DL forums?
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Sucks to be you, doesn't it Gollin? Nobody answers your lame posts, and those who do get deleted because they point out what a cunt you are. So you wallow in self pity. What a loser.

Johann is an "idiot" and a "fool" because you say so? Think you have it backwards. Johann enjoys what he does, and people enjoy Johann. He's having fun, helping people and cracking wise. You, on the other hand, help no one but yourself, hate what you do and everyone hates you. Why not give it up then, dumbass?

When Gollin starts crying about his family being harassed I tend to think of the people he has harassed.

I am reminded of the scene in The Reservoir Dogs when Mr Pink rubs his two fingers and talks about the world's smallest violin.

If Gollin can't stand the heat than he needs to stay out of the kitchen.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
As I ALWAYS say, this is Johann's payback for brownnosing them and trying to join third grade's secret society by attacking others the clique despises. It serves him well.
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(09-15-2011, 11:51 AM)Virtual Bison Wrote: When Gollin starts crying about his family being harassed I tend to think of the people he has harassed.

I am reminded of the scene in The Reservoir Dogs when Mr Pink rubs his two fingers and talks about the world's smallest violin.

If Gollin can't stand the heat than he needs to stay out of the kitchen.

Plus nobody is "harassing" his stupid family. His mutant hog vending wife is a government employee and an incompetent one at that. People are free to comment on her ineptitude just like they do with any other incompetent government slug.

Government employee and CHEA director Gollin wants to manage other people's lives and education, but he can't even manage the simple task of raising a child. Two PhD's and one foul-mouthed radical lesbian cheerleader later, it's clear he's just as incompetent an administrator as his horse-faced wife.

Again, people have every right to publicly comment on these things. That's not harassment, that's free speech. Jerks like Gollin are why we have a First Amendment. And a Second Amendment.

BTW, I see The Sphincter is back posting at DD. He posted a picture of cheese...that's apparently his idea of substantive comment. And he can't figure out why nobody replies to his stupidity?
government slug!...did you say government slug?!......ROTFLMAO! these posts are utterly hysterical, and continue to make me "howl" with unbridled laughter...."foul-mouthed, radical lesbian cheerleader....F%@#$# "A"....that sh%@ is funny! You guys are outta sight..just lovin' the posts! Hidel, dude.. you are makin' me roll..
All schools start out as "UN-accredited"..... but not all UN-accredited post secondary institutions of higher learning are bad...yes, some are, but many are not. The schools with governmental oversight are not only GOOD, but they are legal and valid. A few states, that have laws that forbid the use of un-accredited degrees, passed these laws to protect the consumers in those states, from "flagrant diploma mills",( which was noble, and I commend ), that would sell a "PhD in Zoology" for a few hundred bucks, based on your appreciation for the television program"Wild kingdom", (which I personally love). These bogus schools were to be found on the back of match book covers, and on the last page of various comic-books and the like. Sadly, the good, legal, state approved schools, with actual oversight, got lumped into this batch of "less than wonderful schools", and they never should have been! That oversight could have been easily corrected, but it wasn't. Just the opposite began to take shape. Now, many schools that did not have the "golden seal of approval" from the RA/CHEA, were viewed with a "hairy eyeball", and called a "fake" school at worst! Degree granting authority comes from the individual states and the legality of these degrees is verified by no less than the "Constitution" itself. The first amendment and tenth amendment, bare out this fact. Some states, have amended this oversight, by declaring, that if the school is RA, or "licensed or approved legally in the state from which the degree was issued", (words to that effect), than it can be used by the degree holder, when seeking employment. Realistically, how many people have ever been challenged, or sanctioned for using or disclosing the fact that they possessed a "state approved degree", which is in fact every bit as legal as any RA degree issued from any other state. When these state laws have been challenged for attempting to punish a degree holder, with a legally conferred diploma, though non-RA/NA, in a court of law they were beaten time and time again. Why? Because these unconstitutional laws just don't pass the smell test! For shame. What a waste of tax-payers money, not to mention unnecessary days and time wasted by the defendant, who had sacrificed work, family and probably lost wages....and for what ?... to defend their right to "choose" the post secondary institution of their liking, in a court of law. Case in point being Cal Coast in Texas a few years ago and PWU in Florida....the list goes on-and-on, in Oregon and other states as well, I'm sure. I have always been a champion of correspondence education and distance learning. After all, learning takes place in the mind....that includes classroom or home...even on a California beach. Nothing like livin' in the land of milk and honey...

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