42 Yancy Derringer is [redacted]
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So Zurlini writes Chapter 13. Which one does George write? Who writes each of the other 13 chapters. Sounds like a PhD at Princeton.

Zurlini? If he wasn't so useless there might have been state charges. It really would be interesting to hear his excuses.

Besides getting his buddies to do all the work, Gollin reveals his other secret research methodology: he guesses! Okay, I know that was no secret, just didn't expect to see it in print.

"It is probably the case..."

Based on what? Because Gollin imagines it might be, and it fits his warped obsession?

God I hope that Fermilab thing has lots of insurance because if he plays the same way there that thing is a mushroom cloud waiting to happen. "This probably won't explode, and if it does it probably won't take out more than a city block or two..."

Most of the regular posters here know that the "attachment" function on this board has been banjaxed off and on pretty much since day one. So if you want to post a pic,

You can either hot link to a pic on someone else's site (which is faster but there's a good chance the link will wind up broken soon)


you can send it to an admin and ask to have it uploaded. Naturally if you want the post to make sense you must wait to post until the admin gives you the all clear.

So if there was a short gap between the upload and the post, it seems pretty obvious that would have been such a situation.

Or it would be obvious to anyone who actually knew all the facts and wasn't a complete fucking moron like Gollin. He presumes only one person can upload pics to the server, and he presumes that every poster who ever had a pic uploaded to the server uploaded it themselves.

That may be true in Gollin's experience, because Gus wouldn't relinquish control to anyone else, and he certainly doesn't want an idiot like Golliin screwing around with his server. (We've already seen what disasters happen when he lets him play in the Slap & Tickle Club.) But that doesn't mean that everyone else does it that way.

I'm reminded of that great line from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest--Gollin has a bug so far up his ass he doesn't know whether to shit or wind his watch.

And does Gollin know that midnight in Spokane is 8 AM in London and 4 PM in Tokyo? Does he think he's a complete laughingstock on only one continent? Sayonara, old chap.

Quote:Yancy Derringer is [redacted]

I resemble that remark. Big Grin

Seriously, fuck Gollin. Nobody owes him an explanation on how we do things around here. I appreciate that one or two people are willing to take the heat for the rest of us, but there shouldn't be any heat to take. We aren't doing anything illegal or improper here--unlike what Gollin does--so to hell with him. The guy belongs in jail or a mental institution. We have enough on him right now to get him indicted, so grab the lever and flush.

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