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Gollin is certainly the last guy to be making fun of how somebody looks.

So Gollin is stalking somebody's wife--again? I assume this is a different guy than this one.

This is the same Gollin who claims people are "harassing" his horse-faced wife--the government employee who calls Catholics "dirty papists" and sells mutant lab pigs to the public for food?

It really is easy to tell what Gollin is up to. Just read what he is falsely accusing others of doing and there's a good chance he's slithering down the gutter doing the very same thing.

Klempner obviously thinks Gollin is an ass. Right, George, it's a wedding. That's why the banner says "Happy Birthday." Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin Would be funnier if people weren't being sent to jail based on just this sort of lame guess.

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