Chadwick U Now Chadwick Institute
No indication if this is operated by the now thoroughly debauched and discredited Lloyd Clayton or any of his past or present minions.

No degrees, just "advanved" [sic] certificates and continuing ed. Their Six Sigma courses are being offered through Acuity Institute in Colorado.

Also unknown is if it is still operating out of Silver City, NM, where it was getting rave reviews. Rolleyes

Quote:Welcome to the Chadwick Institute!

Advanced Education & Training To Enhance Your Career

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. Chadwick University is now The Chadwick Institute. Our mission is to bring you the most advanced and affordable education and training programs available. We are developing and partnering to offer advanved certificate programs and continuing education in business, marketing, e-commerce, Project management, Six Sigma and much more. For a full description of the transition from Chadwick University to the Chadwick Institute, please visit our About Us page. While we continue to support Chadwick University alumni through our excellent support programs, we move forward with new programs and a new focus as the re-tooled Chadwick Institute!

Chadwick University was founded more than two decades ago and has been a leader in distance education for many years. The University was licensed by the State of Alabama Department of Education and offered undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide variety of majors. For more information, visit our About Us page and see the Accreditation page for even more details (and printable accreditation documents).

Since changing to The Chadwick Institute, we are now focused on mid-career professionals - offering programs to help you advance your professional skills. Programs now qualify for continuing education units (CEU's) and include Certificate programs so you can demonstrate your expertise in a wide variety of key areas.

We still support Chadwick University transcript requests, and a host of alumni programs. If you are seeking a transcript, please visit our transcript page and complete our request form.

If you need to reach us, visit our contact page or send an email to

To begin your journey, check out our course offerings - and get started on your way to a better life through advanced education.

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