Thomas Chip White (owner of ) deep gay teen passion revealed
perhaps the evidence posted so far is unconvincing.
Perhaps it is a conspiracy against a decent man who exposes nazis & degree mill shills.
Now check Thomas Chip White's deepest passion teen porn and "cute" boys as queer as they can get.
Boy oh boy! Wasn't the name "Chip" appropriate? A chip on his shoulder the size of Pluto.
Now we know which images uncle Janko stuffs the pockets of his robe with, eh Janko?
and dr. John Bear, who publicly credited Thomas Chip White as "invaluable help" in his books?
Now it would be Chip's right to womanize as many "cute gay teen boys" as he wants and to produce not 20, but 200 gay teen porn DVDs for commercial distribution, but then, how can he have any say soever about other people's choices?
So is buying a milled degree or "being a nazi" worse than watching gay teen boys stuff their rear with huge plastic objects?!
Pretty weird moral compass.

PS: it is not the case that the various John Bear, Alan Contreras, George Gollin, George Brown etc by sheer chance happened to use a website and little did they know it was funded with the sweat of the rear of gay teen "boys".
No, that wasn't the case, for many of them publicly stood to ovation and hailed Chip as savior of distance education, solomonic referee, great chief and invaluable help.
And Chip was a very caring demi-god hurrying from his XXX meetings with queer boys to his keyboard to ban dissidents.
So they really can't claim they ignored who Chip White was, or that they had no idea of his moral fiber or taste compass...
As well, this shows that these self-appointed psychics can "connect the dots" as much as I can speak Chinese...that is zero.

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.pdf   DEGREEINFO fraud Happy Birthday Chip! @ Boyfunk_gaybucks! - Unity 360 Forums -.pdf (Size: 199.42 KB / Downloads: 9)
.pdf   degreeinfo fraud Gay MainStreet - Welcome to gaybucks_chip\'s House!.pdf (Size: 66.74 KB / Downloads: 4)
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore

A Match Made in Cyber-Heaven

"Once I thought about it,"says Dr. Bear, "Choosing to help us do our research just made good sense."

"They made my life so much easier."
--John Bear

"I'm proud of the book that came as a result," says Chip.
Yes indeed, a match made in Heaven. I'm sure God agrees that a collaboration between a pornographer and a degree mill operator really represents heaven well.

And the research that came to all those conclusions about what is and isn't legitimate and useful. That came from a porn seller who was lying about selling porn. And this, where is this research study that proved their new statements, which so strongly disagreed with what Bear has been saying for more than 25 years, WHERE WAS IT? WHERE IS IT? This remarkable research study has never been released to support the new statements. Of course Chip did no such study at all. He simply wanted another product to sell with his porn. This product, bottom end RA DL schools, his advertisers.

Now since Chip never earned a college degree and is in reality a high school graduate, how does he know what a college degree will do? he doesn't even have one.

So we have a queer pornographer with a high school diploma providing the research for Bears' Guide. A research no one has ever seen, except, them. It has never been verified by any other person or persons. Now ain't that some research to take to the bank.
A.S., B.S., M.B.A.

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