St. Luke Seeks Class Action Parties
St. Luke School of Medicine is not showing any signs of giving up its battle against stalker scumbags George Gollin and Alan Contreras. Government action without due process is a violation of your constitutional rights. If you or your business has been included in a "degree mill" list or otherwise damaged by false statements by either of these two reprobates it's time to throw down and lawyer up.


Recently, in August 2011, SLSOM refiled its lawsuit against George Gollin, Professor of Physics, University of Illinois, the University of Illinois, Alan Contreras and his Office of Degree Authorization, State of Oregon, and others, for conspiracy to violate civil rights, libel and slander, interference with business advantage, and more than a dozen other violations of rights and privacy. There are believed to be numerous articles where Gollin may have libeled persons, institutions, or displayed racist mannerisms.

There are also numerous persons, colleges and universities that may have been libeled, or stalked, or terrorized by George Gollin through and on his University of Illinois website. Additionally, George Gollin, with the aid of the University of Illinois, claims to be the author of Oregon's notorious "Diploma Mill List", published by Oregon's Office of Degree Authorization. This same "Diploma Mill List" in many ways is fraudulent and violates the law. According to Oregon law, all colleges and universities to be placed of Oregon's "Diploma Mill List" should be summonsed for public hearings before being placed on the list. They also have the right to be represented by an attorney.

Furthermore, after the hearing the college or university has the right to appeal in a superior court located in the county of Oregon which it is located. Accordingly, the jurisdiction of the ODAS "Diploma Mill List" should be limited solely to the State of Oregon.

SLSOM does not feel that these persons. agencies, and institutions can defile peoples names and reputations, violate their civil rights, otherwise terrorize them with unjust or false claims, and then claim their are immune from lawsuits.

There are approximately a dozen other states that refer to Oregon's "Diploma Mill List" as their own law. Each of those states also violate your constitutional rights by limiting your future employment opportunities, right to assemble, right to privacy, and right to due process of law. You are labeled a criminal, and branded as a law-breaker, with less evidence than it takes to write a traffic ticket. Even worse, you have no right to appeal the branding. Branding an educational institution as a "Diploma Mill", or an individual as a graduate of a "Diploma Mill" is something that should be determined in a court of law. It is not an action to be determined by a few people using the color of law to further personal agendas, without a right to appeal.

ANY COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY THAT IS ON OREGON'S "DIPLOMA MILL LIST" THAT HAS NOT HAD A FORMAL PUBLIC HEARING, and, or, is located outside of the state of Oregon, or outside of the United States, is invited to join St. Luke School of Medicine in its class-action, for violation of its civil rights under the color of law, violation of the due process of law clause of the United States Constitution, and other charges.

Any college or university, or student, graduate or former student of any college or university that meets the above qualifications for joining the class-action lawsuit against Gollin, the University of Illinois, Alan Contreras, and Oregon's Office of Degree Authorization, is invited to join the lawsuit. Please contact Dr. Dolphin for more information about joining the class-action lawsuit,

Any individual person who feels that he or she may have been libeled, stalked, or persecuted by George Gollin, where he has identified himself as a professor of Physics at the University of Illinois in any media (internet, newspaper, radio, television, magazine, etc.) is also invited to join the lawsuit. Please contact Dr. Dolphin for more information about joining the class-action,
I hope that you guys take these crumbs to the cleaners! If you're state approved degree is challenged by some legal pundit, you will win without equivocation in a court of law. When states such as Oregon, Florida and Texas have attempted to enforce these unconstitutional laws, they have been soundly defeated, every time. Some state was even trying to enforce a law that criminalized the use of a DETC degree! Shocking, positively shocking... I commend all of you're efforts, in fighting this type of defamation and these unconstitutional statutes, that are clearly in violation of you're constitutional right to determine where you want to attend post secondary school. California State Approved university/college diplomas are as "legal" as ANY regionally accredited is a FACT

It's high time somebody stands up to these goons!

My assessment is this. Gollin and Contreras are bullies. Not really like the kids who beat you up and stold your lunch money but their tactics are similar. While they will not beat anyone, they believe that they are smarter than the rest of us and have the "right" to do what the hell they please.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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