Thomas "Chip" White
I had actually forgotten about this weirdo. What's the latest on this deviate?
Still selling advertising to RA schools (and recommending them of course) at DI and Queer Porn to anyone who will buy it. Since he is Queer himself, I would guess he is still on the prowl for young men. From what I've heard the younger the better. In other words, sleezy as ever, and twice as slick.
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Is Chip's credit card having problems?

From degreeinfo:
Holy FiretrUCK the peckerhead let expire.
Ben Johnson Wrote:Holy FiretrUCK the peckerhead let expire.

maybe he wants to own it by proxy, so his nose doesn't get rubbed into the gay teen porn item in front of the gullible degreeinfo masses...
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Its back. The peckerhead paid up. We're sure he didn't borrow the money from Gus.
Chip finally cleared all the porn off the DI server.  Or did he just move DI to a bigger porn server?

How many double entendres can you spot in this post?

Quote:Server Move

Hi, all.

Last night, we moved DegreeInfo (or, at least, the discussion board portion of degreeinfo) to a new server. If you're seeing this message, you're hitting the new server. (Some of you may have gotten "the forum is closed while we're moving" messages while your local ISP updated their nameservers.)

This server upgrade will also, at long last, enable us to resolve the longstanding problem with emailing of registrations. While the problem isn't fixed quite yet, the techs will be working on it today, and with luck, it should be working by the end of the day.

This will also mark the restoration of other email services, such as working emails to support@degreeinfo and such.

I want to thank Bruce in particular for keeping on top of EVERYTHING having to do with degreeinfo moderation and manually activating the new users. I'd also like to thank SteveFoerster, ShotoJuku, Fortunado, and the others who have helped out in passing messages along. [Probably by "word of mouth" if you catch my drift.]

We are (slowly) working on new upgrades and it's my hope that you will begin to see new life and new features coming into DegreeInfo once again in coming months.

Thanks so much for your continued support of the DegreeInfo community... it is, after all, your community and I am deeply appreciative of all who freely post here and share their knowledge and information day in and day out.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at chip (at) degreeinfo (dot)(com) (trying to minimize the spambots)

Thanks very much!

Chip White
Degreeinfo Co-founder/Admin

[Image: queersguide.jpg]

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