Skunk-O-Meter: How High Will AC Register?
Pervert and civil rights violator Alan Contreras will be a featured speaker at the NCACS Program for Presidents and Trustees Plenary on April 12, 2008.  Will the deviant ODA director be adding bestiality to his list of degenerate acts?  

Quote:Pardon me, is this your skunk?
[Image: AlanContreras.jpg]
Can you smell the fecal matter on his genitals?

Accreditors, feds and Congress are engaged in a game of pass-the-skunk with regard to accountability and transparency issues. States, with the greatest legal responsibility for colleges, have often left the skunk on the doorstep of accreditors and feds. Presidents nod and smile when they can’t avoid the skunk. Trustees ignore the skunk unless it divots the budget or disarranges the linens. Faculty think any skunk is at a less rigorous institution.

So whose skunk is it, anyway? Alan Contreras brings his skunk-o-meter to help us tell the spots from the stripes in the world of postsecondary accountability.
Herbert Spencer Wrote:Pardon me, is this your skunk?

Sounds like the biggest Mephitidae marathon and polecat polka party since this one:  
[Image: TheAnalTeam.jpg]
What is Contreras sobbing about now?

We accept as a fact that Oregon's Contreras approved degrees are second only to the Ivy League. But. He has shat on every state approval process other than his own. Then he whines about how states are abandoning their responsibilities to the feds and the accreditors. He's about as radically inconsistent as Peter French.

Contreras is simply a publicity seeker like Gollin. Their backgrounds in the subject at hand is nothing/nada/nyet/nicht/ne rien.
In the interests of public safety and to uphold the high standards of the great State of Oregon, no report on Contreras is complete without the appropriate warnings:

[Image: ContrerasWarning03.jpg]

[Image: ContrerasBusinessCard03.jpg]

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