Union - Have we Heard This Before?


Michael Secrest was ecstatic when he discovered he could stay at home, keep his job and earn an advanced biology degree so he could become a professor.

The Blanchester man submitted his application for a Ph.D. in conservation biology to the Union Institute & University in Walnut Hills and it was accepted. He enrolled in December 2002.

"It was great. I could work on the weekends and in the evening and I had the summers to work on it," Secrest said.

Secrest, 57, did the original research required for the Ph.D. - the impact of biodiversity management in three areas in Southwest Ohio - but never got the degree.

That's because, Secrest contends in a Hamilton County lawsuit, the school was never accredited to offer such a degree.

After he spent five years and $80,000 in tuition, the school informed Secrest it didn't offer a Ph.D. in conservation biology despite telling him for years it did, his lawsuit contends


Wasn't this about the time the Ohio Board of Regents, the US Dept of Education, and the Northcentral Association were taking an elephant crap on Union. According to Secrest they retrofitted his program to match what they were actually approved to offer.

I bet he's glad he went to a regionally accredited school.

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