Lady sets Chip straight at DI
No, it's not what you think. Instead Dave Lady, who has a DBA from NCU, straightened out Chip concerning some IT issues that Chip didn't understand. Chip, who knows very little about programming but felt that he should comment anyway, started boasting about his programming experiences 30 years ago but added the disclaimer that he's not a programmer. Dave Lady, who has both the credentials and the real-world experience, corrected Chip and was polite enough to say that he would discuss the matter further in another thread when he had more time. Chip realized that he was in way over his head, thanked Dave Lady and said that he looked foward to the discussion in a separate thread.

DI thread on IT/programming
Thomas Chip White (owner of degreeinfo ) is an expert, yes, but in filming gay teen fairies who cram the entire living room up their exhaust...
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Little Arminius Wrote:Chip, who knows very little about programming but felt that he should comment anyway...

Doesn't that remind you of that faggot Barney Frank telling us how he is going to fix the economy?  Another pole-smoking pervert without a clue.  
Oh! I thought you meant that Chip was changing his preferences! Tongue

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