An entire forum about Chip White???
Hello everyone:

I am new here, a friend of mine just turned me on to this site.  I am a 53 year old straight former administrator of Survivor, which is a website that was founded in June of this year by myself, 3 other administrators, and your Chip White.  One of our original administrators was run-off pretty quickly, and Chip and his young sidekick Blair Wilson, tried running me off almost right away after I finished a re-write of Empty's siteuser rules for SI.  (Empty specializes in trying to convince sexually-confused teens and young adults that they are gay, and is also partially owned by Chip White and MRC).  I lost my admin position at Survivor Island the first week of August, voted off by the 3 gay guys that still run the site.  The focus of Survivor Island was originally supposed to be providing peer and adult mentor support for sexually-abused teenage boys and young adult men.  Many of our original younger members had joined us after a crisis on Male, where a gay moderator had been caught trying to pick-up several of the teenage members under his supervision there back in April.  I was used by Chip, Blair, and the other admin, Ken, to bring to SI several teenagers who trusted me from MS, where I had been an adult site mentor for 2 years.  Once our site was up and running, I was no longer needed.  We had our last big shootout over Labor Day weekend, at which time I was permanently banned from SI by Chip and his sidekick Blair.  In June Chip flew to Atlanta to meet with a 17 year old from MS that he had first met on EC, then flew to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for Blair's graduation, so Blair and Chip know each other really well.  Now the 17 year old, who has a long history of childhood sexual victimization, wants desperately to be Chip's next big adult film star.

Our last big shootout was over whether or not there is such a symptom of childhood sexual abuse as same-sex attraction disorder.  In my own recovery I was successfully treated for SSAD, and have lived the last 13 years of my life as totally straight, half of that time happily married, largely free from my own history of childhood sexual victimization.  There have been dozens of recent high-level academic studies by PH.D-level researchers at respected universities confirming SSAD as a symptom of childhood sexual abuse and the validity of treating such a symptom.  However, Chip White has found an outspoken gay therapist (Joe Kort, out of Royal Oak, MI), to support his contention that any history of SSAD makes someone 100% gay.  Chip has been feeding his confused young guys this theory on EC as well as on SI now since June.  It was Labor Day weekend that I also discovered Chip's gay adult website, MRC, which specializes in "twink" porn, or gay porn involving young adults aged 18 to 25.  Once I discovered his website, it all started making sense to me.  Chip has been abusing his position and misrepresenting himself as an allegedly experienced therapist with a degree allegedly from Oberlin College in Ohio, on both Empty Closets as well as Survivor, to get to know and befriend sexually confused and now abused teenagers seeking help, convince them that they are gay using flawed and misquoted research, to the total exclusion of the majority of academic research on the subject, and once these young men turn age 18, Chip tries to bring his new friends into his adult porn world.  

At the very least what Chip is doing constitutes a serious breach of professional ethics as well as a serious conflict of interest.  Does he even have a degree or is that made-up too?  He has been portraying himself on Survivor Island as an experienced therapist.  Since my discovery I told Chip flat out that if any of the young men who trusted me that I brought to SI from MS EVER ended up being adult porn stars for MRC that I would turn him in to California Mental Health authorities.  What he has been doing with young childhood sexual abuse survivors should be considered very abusive and possibly illegal.  These young guys came to Male Survivor seeking help for their issues, not hoping to become twink gay film stars.  Right after Labor Day weekend I wanted so badly to turn Chip in, but I didn't have enough information about him to do so.  If he doesn't even have a degree, and with the information that I have found here, we have more than enough to hang him once and for all.  He should have absolutely no business trying to counsel teenage sexual abuse survivors using false academic credentials.  

Chip has a profile on Linked-In as well as on some Sacramento gay dating site.  I have the URL's to both as well as the URL to MRC Entertainment.  It would please me greatly to share my info with all of you here, in the hope that his ongoing abuse of these kids can be stopped.

Mountain Man Mark
Denver, CO

NOTE:  May be extremely ***Triggering***.  This is Chip White's gay young adult video website:
[Link deleted]
Be sure to click on the Records Compliance Statement at the bottom of the page!!!
Mark, I deleted the link to the web page because we don't want to even indirectly promote that garbage.  Below is the content of the Records Compliance Statement to which you referred:

Legal Compliance.

MRC/ takes the production of our videos and other content seriously. All of our models are treated professionally and with highest courtesy and respect, and all were over 18 at the time the video or still content was shot.

In accordance with applicable federal law (18 USC 2257 and Federal Regulation 28CFR75) we maintain proper records, including model releases and copies of Government-issued photo identification, for each model appearing on our site or in our videos.

The production dates for depictions of actual sexually explicit conduct are contained in the records maintained pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75.

The date of reproduction or republication of visual depictions of actual sexually explicit conduct is current as of the date of access to

Records required are maintained by:
A. Braden, Custodian of Records,
Media Resource Communications, Inc.
1380 Lead Hill Blvd, Suite 106, Roseville, CA 95661.
While it is hard to ascertain whether all that's said it here is true, it just makes sense that a queer man "in search of mister right", who is a gay teen pornographer and basks in a colossal sense of entitlement, may try to pick up young queer fairies online.
Remember his webpage full of scantily clad gay "boys" I posted a long time ago?
While his sexual orientation is his problem, we cannot ignore this perverted clown is one of the lighthouses of "morals" in DE/DL according to the bunch of fellow frauds, perverts, millists and bogus 'experts' at DI/ disgusting.
Now did he add to his roster the qualification of "certified butt therapist ", too?
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ham Wrote:While it is hard to ascertain whether all that's said it here is true, it just makes sense that a queer man "in search of mister right", who is a gay teen pornographer and basks in a colossal sense of entitlement, may try to pick up young queer fairies online.

You are right Ham, it's difficult to tell if this is the real deal or another scam to attempt to discredit the otherwise excellent track record this board has for exposing these frauds and perverts.

Seems to be a lot of links to pervert sites, although it's difficult to discuss Tailpipe Chip and not mention his main business--gay boy pornography.

On the other hand, it sure does sound exactly like the kind of thing a pervert like Thomas "Chip" White would be up to.  He's already shown he'll lie about his academic credentials (none) and his cancer cures (quack), so it stands to reason he would lie about everything else.  I wouldn't put it past him to lie about being a counselor so he could queer off with some more underage fairies.

Mountain Man Mark Wrote:If he doesn't even have a degree, and with the information that I have found here, we have more than enough to hang him once and for all.  He should have absolutely no business trying to counsel teenage sexual abuse survivors using false academic credentials.  

Mark, if this is the real deal then you ought to report Thomas "Chip" White to the appropriate authorities.  Frankly I don't know who in the government regulates internet pervert counselors, but one place to start might be Perverted Justice, which boasts 514 convictions.  If you have the goods to hang the guy, HANG HIM!  
Here's a couple more that might be good starting points:

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


FBI Endangered Child Alert Program
Advice from Perverted Justice:
Quote:If you do know of an online groomer, molestor, or all-around terrible person committing crimes, call your local law enforcement agency through their non-emergency number. Ask them to put you into contact with the internet crimes unit that has jurisdiction over that area, and explain to them in full detail everything about the case. If there is merit to it and the police can do something, we have full confidence that they will try. If that sounds too intimidating to do, fill out an online form reporting the predator at Cybertipline.
Quote:Frankly I don't know who in the government regulates internet pervert counselors, but one place to start might be Perverted Justice, which boasts 514 convictions.

That is an extremist left wing outfit run by an aging whigro wearing the baseball cap turned backwards. Allegations of shady fund-raising and other activities have been raised. Many think it's just a media machine where crooked cops put up a Gene Hackman three minute show for the masses.
Ever hear of "deputizing" actors posing online as queers to entice potential suitors?
It seems to me another media circus...unlikely to pick on the far left side of the spectrum.
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I would be the friend that Mark referred to as having turned him onto this site. A quick little background. I know Mark from Male Survivor (, which is an organization dedicated to preventing the sexual abuse of males, and also the recovery and healing of those that have already been abused. I first met Mark "on-line" in the site forums over two years ago. I later met Mark in person coming on near two years ago (I was invited to join some of the site members who live in the Denver area for lunch.) I have gotten together with Mark many times over the last couple of years and although I can't say I know him from *way* back, I know he is honest and wouldn't lie.

Mark's story about how Survivor Island ( got started is correct. There was an incident this last spring on Male Survivor that drove most (all?) of the teen members off the site. I usually stay out of politics so I can't say for sure who's side is correct in what happened. But the outcome is unquestionable: Survivor Island (SI) was created out the need to provide the teens an on-line community where they could continue to find support for their childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Mark was one of the people involved in working to get it started, given his connection with the teens on MS and recovery experience. Other than that, I didn't know a whole lot about SI other than Mark had mentioned in the past he was working with some people, at least one I knew from MS, and that one of the people helping to start the site was a therapist.

Fast forward to yesterday where I had gotten together with Mark and a couple other guys for dinner. At one point the topic of Survivor Island came up and Mark mentioned pretty much what he said above. I took mental note of Chip's name and location (Sacramento, CA). When I got home I did a little sleuthing. That is how I found this site and emailed Mark the URL of a relevant post I found here. There are quite a few Chip Whites out there, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Survivor Island Chip White is the same Chip White associated with Degree Info, Media Resources Communications (MRC), along with various on-line gay pornography websites. You can come to your own conclusions.

First off, I have always known that Survivor Island uses vBulliten ever since I first checked it out (I have taken a look a couple times to see their progress, and I pay attention to that sort of thing; you use MyBB. I do not have an SI account, but the forum is publicly viewable, though my IP address was blocked when I tried to take a look at is a few days ago; I have *never* done anything more than read a post or two there - I am not sure what the issue is, unless they blocked a huge block of IP addresses for some reason, such as coming from Comcast in the Denver area maybe?) Anyway, Degree Info not only uses vBulliten, but also the same blue theme. Okay, it could be coincidence. Then today I did a little "whois" investigation.

"whois" is a command-line lookup tool often found on unix-like operating systems that queries databases for domain name registration information. To make things easier, I have posted the query output for several domains here:

The following sites are *all* registered through "", and registration details have been included in the above link:

Survivor Island
Degree Info
MRC, Inc.
Hottest Gay Site
18 West Studios

The last site listed above I found referenced in a Mar 25, 2010 article called "Gay-4-pay in Prague", which can be found here:

Just search for "chip" in the above article (do a Ctrl-f after the page loads to get a search box; you may need to scroll down just a tad to uncover the search find from under the footer) and see the comment Chip made. This guy films gay porn. There is no doubt about it. I suppose he has that right, but please read on.

** By the way, Empty Closets, which Mark attributes to Chip having some involvement in is registered through a registrar company called "Moniker". But I have no reason to doubt Mark's statement that Chip is involved with this site. **

Okay, so here is the issue. Survivor Island is a site that was put up to provide a place of recovery for teens that have suffered childhood sexual abuse. I don't care if Chip sticks to the law and all his "models" are eighteen or whatever. I don't care if Chip has never crossed the line with a minor in regards to his own sexual advances. A person like Chip should *NEVER* be involved with a CSA recovery site for teens. Whatever his agenda, and even though I have never met him before, I would never trust him. If teens want to patronize a site like Empty Closets where they probably get indoctrinated in homosexual agenda by those that have their own agenda, well what can you expect? These are kids who think they are gay and want to participate in an on-line community that supports that. But to have someone who obviously has his own agenda purporting to be a therapist (and even if he was just there as a "mentor") on a teen-focused childhood sexual abuse recovery site, well that is messed up *BIG TIME*.

Again, legally I don't know what laws were violated other than possible false representation of professional credentials, and I don't have the background involvement with SI or Chip to know what was presented by him. Regardless, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this situation is wrong, wrong, wrong. Yes, CSA victims often suffer from sexuality confusion, and no this does not then mean the person is automatically and obviously gay. Anyone who promotes that idea to confused CSA survivor teens who are just trying to sort all this out is doing great harm, and I assume has a personal agenda. Seriously, what kind of (50+ year old) gay teen pornographer should be giving advice to teen CSA victims in recovery?? Um, we have a problem here.

You decide for yourself. Please do though take a quick look at what SI is *supposed* to be about:

Quote:Chip White, a California-based producer of gay porn from 18 West Studios, has committed to shoot only with condoms, and continues to hope — rather unrealistically, as he puts it — that all studios will agree to stop producing bareback films, particularly in the twink genre. People are told that bareback is risky, "that it's hot, that it's more exciting and thrilling, and so they want it," says White.

Can you believe this pervert and fellow pervert Gregg desElms thought they had an edge on Ham because they claimed Ham was a "Nazi"RolleyesBig Grin?
First of all, Ham is not 90+ years old to have been a real Nazi, but the choice is yours...
Gay teen porn godfathers setting up fake "therapy" sites for abused teens in order to find "models" for his sordid business...cancer cure quack with no university degree...or a 90yo Nazi.
Oh, but we hear's legal...and opposing immigration, left-wing, hippie and whigro gospel etc isn't forbidden, either (what they deem a "Nazi" anyways)...Big GrinBig Grin

Quote:There are quite a few Chip Whites out there,

When Ham posted on here some abstracts of the crude way he pimps his gay teen porn business on queer boards, he went back and deleted his name from those posts.
Those are your icon of online morality in education, folks...come and get them...
Ham says: go yourself, you perverted and Nazis and antisemites and the threat of degree mills and all the bollocks you make up to divert attention from your own sordid life and deeds...
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Thanks for the info, Eric and Mark.  By all means report these facts to your local law enforcement.  It's about time somebody put a permanent end to this guy.

It's funny how the turds on other channels get all revved up about people competing with the wealthy higher ed cartel, which activity in fact harms exactly no one.  The best argument they can muster against it is the totally vacuous claim that doctors with unaccredited degrees are killing people.  In fact it's already illegal to practice medicine without a license, and you aren't going to get a license with a fake degree.  So in other words, their best argument is a total sophist load of crap.

On the other hand, when you have disgusting perverts like Thomas "Chip" White destroying the lives of innocent kids nobody blinks.  

Where is that dickless George Gollin and his SS pals?  Is he waiting for Chip to turn 70 like Steve Randock so the feds might be able to catch him in case he runs?

Where is Bear and his FBI buddies?  Where is Alfalfa Sainz to take a bow for preventing another kid from getting his ass pronged by perverts?  Why is Quincy MA PD union goon Bruce Tait still acting as a moderator on Chip's gay boy porn front?  

Missing in action, the whole rotten load of them.  

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