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Another taboo that has been broken by/through distance learning is language learning. In fact, beside the token place for "dry" text books and grammar drills, nothing beats live interaction with native speakers. Those schooled before the internet became a factor may remember the often nonproductive college courses; others may remember wild chases after native speakers in their own neighborhood, who were often absent, or charged extortionate fees.
The other alternative was an expensive study trip to lands where the language was spoken: on had to commit important amounts of time and money and cross fingers hoping what he'd get would live up to the expectations foisted by language school brochures.
Nowadays, sites such as ITALKI, VERBALPLANET and BUDDYSCHOOL (to mention only a few) allow to swiftly locate plenty of native speakers (often certified SL teachers ) to interact with in the comfort of one's home/office with no extra expenses (such as airfare&lodging), and no further commitment than one or at best a few lessons' worth.
If the person you located doesn't live up to your standards, you simply cut your losses and move on.
Sure, there still are many fools trying to charge you extortionate fees online, too...but the offer is so wide that it's easy to find some more reasonable teachers...because the amount one pays is in no way proportional to the quality of teaching received...a $10/h teacher may by all account be better than a $50/h braggart.
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Great stuff ham, as always. Here are links to the three you mentioned:




I know our posters are clever enough to google this stuff, but for any noobies, lurkers, or DI or DD types (retards) this makes it easier.

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